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Default Sftp support and UTF8 support

Although sftp has nothing to do with the actual ftp protocol, having support for it in Flashfxp would be really cool. CuteFTP Pro 3.0 already has that, but CuteFTP sucks. I know having sftp added would require a lot of time and effort but sftp is clearly superior in a firewall-restricted environment. Besides, many sysadmins do not even bother to install an ftp server.

Also, the to-do list mentions support for multiple languages. I don't exactly know what this means but what I would like to see is support for dir/file names in UTF8 so that I can transfer to and from directories that have names in some other than latin-1 charset. There is even an RFC that specifies how to implement UTF8 support for FTP clients and servers. Currently Flashfxp displays those names as ?????. Why does Flashfxp convert the dir names internally to latin1 anyway? Why not use them as they are and only convert when communicating with an ftp server?
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