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hanzify, i think that's not the problem.

I worked time ago with Bigstar making and testing the spanish localization of all FlashFXP text strings (on dialogs, menus, etc ...). The problem arises when the size of the english text string (and the text string container too) is a lot of smaller than the translated one. Yes, you can use abbreviations on the translations but there are text strings (at least on spanish) that cannot be easily abbreviated and lost their meaning with a bad abbreviation.

An example: on Preferences/Display tab there's an option called 'Remember last used site in Site Manager'. The spanish translation will be: 'Recordar, en el Administrador de servidores, el último servidor utilizado', you can see the difference. I used on this string the word 'servidor' (server) instead 'sitio' (site) because I think it matches better the meaning of the option. Anyway if I use the word 'sitio' it doesn't fit either. The same thing will happen with 'ReSort new/modified files (local listing)' option.

If you don't plan the translation carefully, from a design point of view, you'll encounter a translated dialog with mis-aligned text strings, text strings that hides other strings, incomplete text string due to size limitations ... a complete mess. Possible solutions could be that Bigstar makes auto-expanded string containers (that will accomodate automatically their size to the translated text string), bigger dialog screens (or string containers) or review each translation to fix the mis-aligned strings.

In my opinion i prefer to wait and have a perfect solution from Bigstar on this subject
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