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Unhappy Buffer Space

I have posted a thread about this before. I have persistent problems with buffer space.

Data Socket Error: 10055:No buffer space available

I get that so often.....

I remember what Bigstar said last time, but I must sincerely protest and ask that it be looked into more closely.

I have been using FlashFXP for a very long time and its really, in all honesty, the only Win32 FTP/FXP program even worth downloading. Everything else is just a joke.

I am currently using Version 2 Build 908. I have had this problem on earlier builds.

I get the buffer space error on Windows 2000, Professional, Server, Advanced Server, SP1, SP2, SP3... All combinations.

I get the buffer space error on these combinations with multiple different sets of hardware.

I have done my best to isolate FlashFXP from EVERY single program/service that is operating. FlashFXP has been the only thing installed, PERIOD, on some cases (Not even DNS/WEB/FTP, etc.) I keep taking out programs and services with no effect. Not just uninstall them. Take the whole system back to "base-line" with Drive Image Pro. I have put a huge amount of effort into trying to fix it myself, assuming the problem was on my end, since that is what BigStar suggested.

I don't know what to do. I tried running FlashFXP on a system that was put together for IT ALONE. Still the buffer space error.

I am convinced beyond any doubt that its FlashFXP. Its the only constant in the dozens and dozens of setups (hardware/software) in the last 6 months.

I would sincerely appreciate if this could be seriously looked into. I am at my wits end.
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