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Originally posted by MidKnight
please note, that the lock icon, we only need a 16x16 icon for this one
It's my opinion we need the full suite of icon formats for this icon too, just as we do with any other. The stretched 16x16 icon at 32x32 when you ALT+TAB looks funky, and what about people with large icon settings enabled?

Aramir, If you have time I'd really like to see this icon at 16,32,48 @ 16,256,XP. I really enjoy your version of the schedule icon, with the clock in the foreground especially.

My opinion on the 5 state vs the 4 state suggestions.
Both in their pros and cons depending on what you're interested in. I can see how someone would be interested in seeing a Red icon when they wake up in the morning to tell if their transfer failed over night... where Aramir's gray icon (if disconnected) or flames (if still connected) could simply be overlooked. Connected-Idle and Connected-Transferring might be the difference between night and day for some users, and insignificant to others. But then again we sacrifice simplicity by adding to many options.

I also think that any Connected/Idle state should be a Blue icon, as this is the color of the default FlashFXP logo.

- Raccoon

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