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I really like that colours for FlashFXP icon. But since we are gonna have colors, why not some more:
well.. first of all - I think that too many states/colors will mix the things up making it hard to understand...
Really, there are almost no difference (for user) between gray (disconnected) and red(server error/disconnect), you offered. What important is state ("disconnected").

Right now it is this way:

0 - gray: idle/disconnected
1 - yellow - trying to connect
2 - green - connected/idle
3 - green with green "flame" - connected/transferring

see, for user there is not such important to be notified of a switch from state 2 to 3, right? Thats why there are not a lot of difference between them.
But there are a lot of difference between 3 or 2 and 0 - hence the different colors...
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