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Default Re: problem: connecting with ssl through router

Originally posted by pascal
I have the problem, that i couldn´t connect to my ftp server with ssl (AUTH-TLS), but only through a router, otherwise (direct dial up) it works! At the router there isn´t any firewall rules installed, only NAT.

thx in advance

ftp client: FlashFXP beta 909 #5
ftp daemon: glftpd 1.29.1_Linux+TLS

status window:
WinSock 2.0
Connecting to xxxxx
Connected to xxxxx -> IP=xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx PORT=21
220 xxxxx (glftpd 1.29.1_Linux+TLS) ready.
234 AUTH TLS successful
Negotiating SSL/TLS session...
Connection failed (Connection timed out)
Some routers are actively monitoring connections to port 21 (in order to translate PORT commands) It might be that router phreaks out, when it triest to parse ssl handshake. Check your router manual, if there is option to turn the feature off.. or ask the siteop to move site to another port.
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