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Default problem: connecting with ssl through router

I have the problem, that i couldn´t connect to my ftp server with ssl (AUTH-TLS), but only through a router, otherwise (direct dial up) it works! At the router there isn´t any firewall rules installed, only NAT.

thx in advance

ftp client: FlashFXP beta 909 #5
ftp daemon: glftpd 1.29.1_Linux+TLS

status window:
WinSock 2.0
Connecting to xxxxx
Connected to xxxxx -> IP=xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx PORT=21
220 xxxxx (glftpd 1.29.1_Linux+TLS) ready.
234 AUTH TLS successful
Negotiating SSL/TLS session...
Connection failed (Connection timed out)
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