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Default Re: 7 Serious Ideas For Future Build...

Originally posted by SonOfSpam
I think everyone would agree with all of these.
First courtesy of a friend the rest are mine.

1) Add support for multiple server sites. Some ftp sites have more than one server, if one is down it can cycle to the next one until it finds one that works. Such as mIRC can cycle servers of a network until it connects.
Mirror sites wouldn't be a bad idea, but would be difficult to implement and give way to too many possible options in how to handle the rotating and priority of mirrors. If anything, instead allow someone to "Connect" to a Folder, and FlashFXP will simply try all the sites listed in alphabetical order until one hits. At least this keeps the sites.dat format without change.

2) Add mouse-over status bar captions. The NOTES for an ftp site added in site manager would show in the status bar at the bottom of the program when the user moves the mouse over the site in the quick connect/flashfxp sites list.
I have no objections to this. Just know that it would likely be limited to the first line only. However, this may circumvent some privacy/password protection down the road, as users often store user/pass in the notes field.

3) Expand the capabilities of "Compare Folders". Compare the files by size and existence, not only by existence. So it can be a true comparison of the files. Could show you easily which file is incomplete.
When you compare ASCII files (those that are transferred in ASCII mode: .txt, .html, .pl, etc), the file sizes will be different between the two view panes if each side is running a different OS (pc, nix, mac). That is, if your left pane is local (PC) and your right pane is a remote UNIX ftp, then .html files will appear smaller on the remote server and larger locally. This is due to the different Line Delimiting character(s) each OS uses in plain text files.

4) Add support setting for PORT/PASSIVE and CONNECT RETRY DELAY in the "ftp:// fxp://" filed. So if a user pastes:
flashfxp will set the settings for the site to use passive to connect and set retry delay time to 120 seconds.
This one is doubtful. There are so many different options that people would want to pass besides pasv/port and timeout... such as retry count and delay, bandwidth limit, etc. Please also keep in mind how awful implementing IPv6 will be, considering each decimal is separated by colon (:) and not period (.) as current IP addresses are. Adding any more colons will just **** up the works worse than it is. :P

5) Add an 'overall stats' field. Like the site manager shows the stats for each site you add, add a total stats field.
I've been trying to get nifty stats for years, c'mon Charles!

6) Redo the snake game in the help/about easter egg of doubleclicking the flashfxp icon. Make it so whatever level you start at if you get so many points it starts going faster, like up a level so you don't sit there playing the same **** all day... That would rock :D
Oooh! oooh! MULTIPLAYER!

7) Make plans for a FlashFXP Server application. I'd love to see that too :D I think that's enough for now..
If you chance to write an FTP daemon, let us know and we'll slap the Flash logo in it for ya and call it our own. :)

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