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true. a enhancement of the "limit port range" option would be great ...

edit it to a textbox where i can specify range/single ports or two options like

1. use single port(s): port1,port2,port3,port5
2. use port range: port1-port2

this would make it easy to specify the ports i want to use for active mode connections.

posted this already somewhere in the forum but nobody agreed ... mayb this option can be ini only. bigstar justified the imit on ports only above 1024 with the fact that problems can occure if standart users specify low ports cause they dont know what effect this option can have.

so a ini only setting would guarantee that only advanced users use this feature.

so 2 things to do:
- dont overwrite "hi/loport" settings when changing something in options
- add option to specify range AND single ports to use for active connection

think many ppl will be happy to see this in ffxp
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