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I know - you can, however, only set a port range with the "limit local port range" function and it's impossible to choose ports under 1024, unless they are set manually in the .ini file. The disadvantage is that on any change in the options dialog, it will be set back to 1024/1024 again.

It has to be possible to select single ports as only the bandwidth for widely used ports like 23 (telnet), 25 (smtp), 80 (http) etc. is not restricted on ftp servers (BBB, for example) and full throughput is guaranteed on these ports only.

It's no use setting them to 23-80, because there are plenty of ports in between on which the bandwidth is deadly small. If it's set to one port only - like loport=80 and hiport=80 - you can be sure to use a "fast port", but you can have only one concurrent active ftp connection then.

Restricting various ports/services is called "port priorization" and the ports/services not restriced are high priority ports...

Do you understand it now?
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