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Default Linksys Solution possibly

there is a new firmware that came out at the end of January 2002 for the Linksys router.
I'm not sure if this is part of the solution but it sure seems that way.
Suddenly the fxp site to site is working behind this thing.
I used no special settings in the setup of this site in the site manager.
Also in flash fxp (I'm not sure if this made any difference)
Limit local port range to 1024 max 2048 is ticked
and bind local IPs to (then I typed in my current IP)

Suddenly site to site works with the linksys router.

One thing I wonder, when it comes to site to site some require pasv some PORT, is there a way to have a site in the site manager control things like Ident requests. (I would like to be able to enable or disable those by the site instead of just global?)

Anyway if anybody else is having a problem with Linksys try this solution, I have some specific settings in linksys too, such as port forwarding and DMZ host setup.
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