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Default Linksys router troble too

I have the same issue, port forward, dmz in linksys and latest firmware doesnt help.
Trying the NAT Option, bind local ports, and use alternate method still get the same result.
I'm trying to fxp site to site
One site is using NT FTP the other is using GLFTPD
the queue loads and when it transfers it transfers 0 bytes
425 Can't open data connection.
425 Can't open data connection.
225 ABOR command successful.
Transfer Failed!

PORT doesnt work either it hangs on the dir listing.

If anybody have solved this one please let me know.

I dont attribute this to a in flash fxp problem so much as a linksys issue. Maybe somebody has succeeded in a work around somewhere, although all the searches here seem to indicate nobody has a solution yet.
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