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I think we said all about this one, unless we expand on it.
Would it be useful to make more than one folder with subfolder(s) and save the tree that can be looked at and uploaded again at one point later, without making each folder individually again.
If no, you're done with the idea like this.
Maybe you are hung up on a certain view because of the example-program.
It's not hard to make a maze, since there is no need to change it ever.

Let me therefore bubble up an additional thought and call it project-queues. Feel free to move it separately.
Eh...if you would fill a project-queue as mentioned below with an empty tree, where would we be again?


The queue-files are attached to a particular server. Is it a worthwhile idea to let dropped files from several sources Queue, let's say in the closed ftp-browser-view, and save that queue as a project-queue without assigned server?
If you want to transfer a certain package at a later point to a friends server, or one of your own, then it would be enough to load that project-queue before or after connecting.

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