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Well I didn't say that.. Just that the build in windows schedule does everything one could imagine when it comes to scheduling, I've never personally used it for FlashFXP. As i've never needed to schedule a download on my 33.6 dialup connection. I see your point about stopping the transfer. That could pose a problem.

To create a full featured schedule would take alot of time and energy, Something I have very little of lately. If I were to create a full featured schedule it would be external, Run FlashFXP via the command line and perhaps send special a Window Message to stop the transfer and exit FlashFXP. I will add it to the list of things to do..

If someone is interested in creating an external schedule for FlashFXP I'll add some Window Message events that will allow FlashFXP to gacefully close when the time limit has been reached, Or perhaps even changing the speed limit depending on the time of day.
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