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Default ! to login

in many of my sites if there are ghost connections you would put "!" in front of your login name to kill the ghost connections.

but when i goto my site manager, click on the ghosted site and insert the "!" in front of my login name i click connect. flash asks me if i want to save ( i select no because i can have concurrent connections) and i try to re login. flash uses my old login info witohught the "!" and so the ghosts are still alive. now wouldnt it make sense not to have to save your site info with the new user name ( !login ) if you just want to login once to kill the ghost connections? because as it stands now, after you kill the ghosts you have to go back and change you login info again. if you dont when you open up a second copy of flash and login you will kill the connection in the first flash window. this is more annoying than anything else.

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