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Default resume bug?

hi folks

got an intermittent "bug" and I'm not sure how the situation is created so I will do my best to explain.

I fxp rar sets to myself, I use bpftp server (aka g6). Main reason for this is auto sfv checking. I'm using flash v2 build 908, but I have experienced this problem with other builds. sfv checker is G6Checker v2.0.5 by zORGLuB (had the same problem using other versions of this checker as well), my os is win2k pro. It happened to me again last night, source server was bpftp server, but Ive had it happend with servers that run other s/w as well, eg raiden.

A file will fail in xfer (I think this is the origin of the problem) then when it auto-reconencts and resumes it will then append every file afterwards to the resumed file. eg: file 1-10 xfer fine and are 15mb in size, file 11 fails, resumes and then becomes 500mb (size is just an example, I've had 2gig + before when Ive woken up and checked). flash status window reports that files 12 onwards as being xferred succesfully. btw, auto xfer mode is selected as is smart mode handling (not that I'm sure what that does )

I'm not entirely sure if the bug is with flashfxp or not, as there are other programs being used as well.

If anyone out there has experienced this or a similair problem and fixed it please advise me etc. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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