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Default showing a warning when "turn off computer" is activated

This is my first post.
As the first topic recommends i searched in the forum to see if someone talked about this before but i didn't find anything.

My suggestion is that when you start flashfxp it could show a warning, remembering you that you have the "turn off computer on transfer complete" option activated.
The reason is simple. Normally you will activate this option and leave the pc during the night or for a long period of time downloading things.
Then when you start your computer again the next morning or next days, you probably won't remember that you have this option activated and if you use flashfxp for transfer anything again, it will shut down your pc and you'll loose all your work that you have been doing until there.
I know that there's a confirmation screen but it can be possible that you're not looking at the screen during 30 seconds to prevent flashfxp to shut down the pc or that you have the confirmation screen deactivated.

it happened to me (i lost some work i was doing) cause i didn't see flashfxp flashing during 30 seconds. I know you can think it's my fault, but wouldn't be easier to advice you when you re-run flashfxp the next time and asking to deactivate that option?

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