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Originally posted by FXPQ
DYN_DaTa: Before calling me a "newbie," learn how to read. I said I do not have a registered version yet (I am still on trial). Therefore, I cannot test myself!

Read my previous post: "If you believe everything what you read on Internet then you are a newbie"... Ok?

Originally posted by FXPQ This forum is to inquire about things before purchasing. And that's what I am doing. If this forum is not a place to inquire about sales, and only to offend people, then screw it.

Of course, but use the search button on this forum before asking FlashFXP-spyware questions. If you aren't a newbie you should know that the FIRST thing that you must do in an official program forum is to use the search function.

Anyway case closed for me.
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