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Originally posted by FXPQ

You say the name isn't recorded? But in the privacy policy, Section Software: Registered Version, it states, "Things like your name/company..." is collected.

So from what I understand, the following information is collected:
  • Date/Time
  • IP address
  • Key
  • Name and/or company name

Here is my concern - most software companies (and I've purchased expensive software like Adobe Photoshop; $600 USD) do not record the name of the user when verifying a valid key, simply because it is irrelevant to verification.

I recall installing Photoshop offline and it did not need to connect to any server. I assume FlashFXP requires an Internet connection to install. That's fine, but why record the name?

But I guess it can't do anyone harm if it doesn't collect any more information.

You see, imagine this scenario:

You go download and/or share your MP3s with friends, and FlashFXP records this to a database. The same database that contains an IP address, which can be tracked faster with a name (or company name).

I'm not saying FlashFXP does this, but that WAS my worry.

I think there is a little confusion here.. FlashFXP only collects the information you mentioned when you register the software to prevent people registering illegally..

When using or updating the FlashFXP, as Mxxcon said, it only submits part of your key to verify the registration and thats it..

No other information on you is submitted or sent or anything from then on..
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