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Thanks for the reply. I don't know about *that* individual, but it seems that more than one person was complaining. But I guess you are right that those with pirated versions are the complainers. I am not complaining about FlashFXP's verification process, I am only inquiring about what information will be stored.

You say the name isn't recorded? But in the privacy policy, Section Software: Registered Version, it states, "Things like your name/company..." is collected.

So from what I understand, the following information is collected:
  • Date/Time
  • IP address
  • Key
  • Name and/or company name

Here is my concern - most software companies (and I've purchased expensive software like Adobe Photoshop; $600 USD) do not record the name of the user when verifying a valid key, simply because it is irrelevant to verification.

I recall installing Photoshop offline and it did not need to connect to any server. I assume FlashFXP requires an Internet connection to install. That's fine, but why record the name?

But I guess it can't do anyone harm if it doesn't collect any more information.

You see, imagine this scenario:

You go download and/or share your MP3s with friends, and FlashFXP records this to a database. The same database that contains an IP address, which can be tracked faster with a name (or company name).

I'm not saying FlashFXP does this, but that WAS my worry.

I don't mean to offend the developers of FlashFXP with such worries, but after the U.S. Government + RIAA pressuring ISPs, software developers, and miscellaneous services to report things, I started to be very cautious.
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