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Originally posted by FXPQ
The only thing that I am concerned about FlashFXP is the privacy issue that is being "debated" on the Internet (before I purchase anything, I do a lot of researching).

I am not a computer "newbie." On the contrary, I am very knowledgeable about computers and networks. So most of the things people were writing on this forum, CNET, and other places were libel to me.

If you believe everything what you read on Internet then you are a newbie. You say that you do "a lot of researching before purchasing anything"... ok, then search this board for related posts about that lie (spyware on FlashFXP) or use a sniffer before posting this same post again.

There's no "debate" on Internet about that cause there aren't FACTS about spyware inside FlashFXP, there are only LIES. Period.

Anyway that subject is a waste of time

Originally posted by FXPQ
P.S. Even though I don't have a problem of FlashFXP recording my name, I have never heard of any software that does this (other than Microsoft). This "unique" FTP client makes one wonder if it is developed by government programmers with the RIAA as an alternative method to fighting MP3 downloaders. Are you guys really a private business?.

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