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FlashFXP is NOT any type of spyware.
those "debates" you see is from one single user who posted on cnet, betanews and slashdot. his only issue is he can not find properly cracked FlashFXP. so when he used known warezed registry key flashfxp automaticaly unregistred. before that when you did LiveUpdate with known warezed key FlashFXP would just open website (not redirect your sites.dat like that person says)
unlike you are talking about some other site/msgboard, please share with us so we can address those issues.

FlashFXP does not monitor anything you do, anywhere you connect or anything you transfer.

when you registred FlashFXP and do liveupdate, the only thing that's transmited is one-way hash of your registration key to make sure that you entered it correctly and not using publicly known warezed key. that's it. not your name, not your sites or downloaded sites are being transmited.

here's FlashFXP's offical privacy policy that's strongly respected and enforced
also if you search this message you'll find this topic have been covered to it's fullest and anybody's worries have been put to rest.
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