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Default Privacy Issue


I am a long-time user of CuteFTP. But after I upgraded my computer to Windows XP Professional, it is constantly crashing. For about a week I am looking at the various FTP clients available on CNET to replace CuteFTP.

I downloaded a couple, including FlashFXP. I find FlashFXP the best of them all, with SmartFTP as my second choice.

The only thing that I am concerned about FlashFXP is the privacy issue that is being "debated" on the Internet (before I purchase anything, I do a lot of researching).

I am not a computer "newbie." On the contrary, I am very knowledgeable about computers and networks. So most of the things people were writing on this forum, CNET, and other places were libel to me.

I cannot test myself because I do not yet have a registered version (I'm still on trial), but from what I understand, once you enter the key it connects to FlashFXP's server and (1) logs your IP with the date/time, (2) records your first and last name, and (3) validates your key.

I don't mind that that much, but I do have one problem...

Recently, a U.S. court ordered Verizon (and other ISPs to come) to hand over records of users who downloaded MP3s, "warez," and other unmentionable things (you know).

I admit that I download MP3s, sometimes via FTP (with friends, etc.). If I use a registered version of FlashFXP, will it record and transfer information (e.g., FTP servers, number of files, etc.) to a FlashFXP database?

I don't believe ISPs will submit such data to the Feds because they can afford to appeal, and will most likely win. But I do worry about small companies like FlashFXP.

Thank you.

P.S. Even though I don't have a problem of FlashFXP recording my name, I have never heard of any software that does this (other than Microsoft). This "unique" FTP client makes one wonder if it is developed by government programmers with the RIAA as an alternative method to fighting MP3 downloaders. Are you guys really a private business?
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