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Talking AutoStore Welcome Message & Retry Resume download Feature IDEAS

It would be a very cool feature, if you could set an Auto Welcome Message Store Folder and checkbox for on/off , so that FlashFXP would automatically Safes the Welcome Message of a connecting remote Site. Often there are news when you connect to a site and the ppl not always really read the welcome message, with that feature they could , backwards read necessary infos like , coming changes to some ftps when they suddenly couldn´t connect anymore.

The Name convention shouldbe like that

or almost better creating subfolders in
Storage | SiteName | Month or. Week | File(logical naming)

C:\FFXP\WelcomeStorage\SiteName\Month\SiteName_Mon th_Time

because there will be alot of TXT files after a while.

Another Feature:

Sometimes it happens that when u dl from a very slow Site , that the connection got broken, the files are set then on NotDownloaded in the Queue(red Cross) but that necessarily doesn´t means it wasn´t really to download, so if u reactivate them and restart download again they will resume, if u made the right 'If File Exists' rule.

So add new :

Retry Transfers Amout (0 .... 100 )
0 means never retry
else ,
reset broken transfers in queue after finsihed download, and retry to download them the selected times
( auto reset back to download again after each try)