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Unhappy Flash 2.0 b908 not working

After updating Flash2.0 907 beta8 to v908 Flash FXP is not working at all.

It comes an Error: 10061: Connection failed.

Yes, I am using Norton Internet Security 2003 as firewall and I will not shut down for FlashFXP.
All previous versions of FlashFXP worked fine with NIS 2003.

Please alter the changes that causes this behaviour.

New: I found a workaround. If I allow FlashFXP to access the Internet by manually changing the firewall options, it will work again.
So, either NIS 2003 changes something in their preferences or the latest release or FlashFXP did. I did not change anything in my firewall settings, but there has been an Live update from Norton 2-3 days ago. Before the firewall asked me automatically after program updates, if I still allow this prog to access the Internet or not.

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