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Default Re: This forum is getting messy

Originally posted by aCe2k
2. Read.. ahh yes.. FlashFXP 2.0 Release Candidates
3. Announcements - Check here for all the latest information on the FlashFXP 2.0 releases!
4. OK, must be here then...
5. What do i find.. 2.0 rc3 b876 <-- OLD
i guess you didn't notice LOCKED icon on that forum, or subtitle "Archive.. Might contain some useful information."
would you like us to complete remove all archives and have users come here and ask exactly same question every single day?
9. Look inside Public Beta Testing.. And what do i find here? A none public Download thread.. wtf.. need password & shait...
what you see is different from member of another group sees, such as moderators, administrators, PRIVATE beta testers or some other group. PUBLIC beta test forum is for everybody "out there". registred users have some privileges over non-registred ones, such as beta test and other things, if you haven't registred your copy yet and don't like this there's only one thing you can do
People of please take this as constructive critisisem and not some *****ing thread...
true, as time allows we'll have to look over some of the threads and try to clean up this forum a bit

thread moved to Website/Forum Chat as part of this clean up
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