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Default This forum is getting messy

Can someone please clean up this forum?
It's impossible to locate the correct Topic's for what one is looking for...

I want to locate the latested build..

1. Enter
2. Read.. ahh yes.. FlashFXP 2.0 Release Candidates
3. Announcements - Check here for all the latest information on the FlashFXP 2.0 releases!
4. OK, must be here then...
5. What do i find.. 2.0 rc3 b876 <-- OLD
6. OK, i go back.. maybe i missed something...
7. General - What do you like about the new 2.0? What don't you like? let us know! <-- Souldn't it say FeedBack instead of General??
8. Go back again...
9. Look inside Public Beta Testing.. And what do i find here? A none public Download thread.. wtf.. need password & shait...

People of please take this as constructive critisisem and not some *****ing thread...

What i suggest under FlashFXP Topic..:
1. Latest builds (no public feedback here)
2. Bug Reports
3. Suggestions
4. Troubleshooting / F.A.Q (Make FAQ threads sticky)

How does this sound??
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