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Unhappy still having probs with .m3u's, add to skip list doesn't help. Any other ideas?

I've added .m3u to the skip list...the transfer still hangs as soon as a .m3u is encountered. I've also discovered that it will sometimes do the same thing with a .sfv or .nfo. If I abort the transfer, remove the queues and drag these file types again (sometimes it takes severeal attempts), I can eventually get them to transfer. Still a bummer as I can't send a folder with sub dirs if the first sub contains .sfv or .m3u. It's happening with "all" sites the i'm using for transfers, and again...i've had others try the same transfers with flash 1.4 using the same sites and they are not having a problem. I've reinstalled flash several times....I just can't for the life of me figure this one out!
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