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Thanks for the reply.

First of all I want to make one thing very clear: FlashFXP is a very good tool. I have tried several other FTP-clients and nothing could compare to FlashFXP. I have to manage a very complex site and I can only express my gratitude since FlashFCP has made my life a whole lot easier (and I really mean 'a whole lot') !!

But still there is this problem. I have been able to get some more details on how this file was corrupted. There is nothing wrong with the file-sizes, but when I try to restore the (txt-)backup there is always this error message: "Unknown command '\L'" (for ASCII-download). That's why I think it must have something to do with some end-of-line characters in the excessively long line that holds all data on the largest table in my database in this text-file. Somehow there must have occurred some conversion or something - I couldn't say (I'm not too much of an FTP expert).
Anyway: if I strip all other lines and keep only the line with the data of this big table (resulting in a 284Kb heavy line in this text-file) it is clear that the problem is in there.

Strange thing is things still work when I use some freeware FTP-client. Problem is ONLY there when using FlashFXP, so that says something, no?

If you like I could send you the 2 files (one downloaded using FlashFXP and corrupted - and one downloaded using freeware client and uncorrupted). Perhabs you have better means to look for the root of this corruption?

I'm not telling this IS a bug, but I'm only wondering if it COULD BE one. Anyway, I would really like to know how to solve it...

Best regards.
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