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Default File Size Incorrect

I have encounted a problem recently where by when a file is downloaded/uploaded FlashFXP only uploads 99% of it, thus making it currupt/unreadable.

For example, I upload a HTML page to my website the correct file size on my HDD is 60,341bytes but when i try to view the file is it missing info from the page. If i try to upload the page again, it asks if i wish to over write the file on the FTP but it shows its file size as 59,390 on the FTP (even though it was 60,341 when i tried to uload it earlier)...

Had this problem on quite a few FTP sites(if not all) I was using an old version which I've sinced updated which fixed the problem tempoarly but the problem has come back again

I was told by a friend of mine that this problem was something he encounted in an earlier version and thought it was fixed or there was a fix for it but I was unable to find it on the website.

Sorry if this has been posted before, I am a bit rushed for time and haven't checked all the forum


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