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Default RAS Graph & Stats v1.20

Official webpage

This forum thread is out dated and the web page listed above has the latest version.

RAS Graph & Stats is a network/dialup monitor and stats tool. It provides real time graph of traffic. Detailed stats provide daily/weekly/monthly/yearly stats/user defined range. Stop watch. etc..

This app basically picks up where the old NetStat left off by providing stats for network card (cable/dsl/etc)

RAS G&S is now Win9x/Win2k/XP compatible

Download RAS Graph & Stats

Whats New in v1.20
1. Improved stats routines/better performance
2. Improved graph, several new graph options.
3. Added Reports

Known Bugs
1. When changing the horizontal scale + update interval the vertial minute lines aren't drawn correctly.

Main Window

Detailed Reports


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