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Exclamation Compiling Files on FTP

Ok, Im trying to install this IRC Server, and the instructions are as followed:
5. Compiling your IRCD
 Once you´re finished with config.h you´re ready to compile, unless you really want to tweak things, but I doubt you will, and it´s certainly not necessairy. The first thing we need to do is ./configure which will make us a Makefile. Simply get in to your ircd base dir, if you´re in ./include simply "cd ..". Now run "./configure" and let it run. Once it´s finished it should have created a make file. Now simply type "make" and it´ll compile it for you. If errors come up, either try to tweak your way around them or contact your system administrator. Alternatively grab one of our precompileds. "make" should take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your system. Once this is finished, type "make install" so it copy distribution config files, along with copying the ircd binary. Congratulations! Your IRCD is now made, and all you need to do now is setup the ircd.conf. If you ever need to change settings in your IRCD, ie. recompile it, it´s very simple. Just type "make distclean" and it´ll get rid of your binary as well as excess source. Simply edit the files you need to, then go back to ./configure.
I don't really know how to compile these files or run the thing...........

And i use FlashFXP, can anyone help me?
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