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Lightbulb additional rule for skiplist

Is it possible to add the option in skiplist where you can tell Flash to skip certain file extensions such as ".SFV" no matter if resume is set to SMALLER, SAME, LARGER? (probably added to "file exist rules" section)


This is during a SITE TO SITE transfer (FXP) involving 2 originating servers to 1 destination server (2 simultaneous FXP sessions).

Some servers seem to redo .SFV files. If I queue the same dir from 2 different (originating) servers that contain (supposedly) the same files, one site may have a modified .SFV file.

Starting the second transfer, if RESUME is set to "DESTINATION IS SMALLER", Flash will attempt to resume the .SFV file which will corrupt the file verification process (SFV checking on destination server). I've had to retransfer the directory after deleting the .SFV file to get complete transfers.

The idea is that if an .SFV (or whatever ext user specifies) file exists in the destination directory, SKIP IT!
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