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Default Unexpected file skipping in the queue

In 2.0.905

I got an unexpected file skipping after a "Transfer Failed" in the queue.
My "Keep failed transfers in queue" option is set in "Preferences/Advanced" and my skip list only contains "Home".

And yet I got the following trace in the status window :
[09:26:06] PORT W,X,Y,Z,11,40
[09:26:07] 200 PORT command successful.
[09:26:07] RETR dummy1
[09:26:07] 125 Using existing BINARY mode data connection for dummy1
(1254000 bytes).
[09:55:32] 426 Error. Transfere aborted. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
[09:55:35] Transfer Failed!
[09:55:39] Skipping: dummy1

As you can see the transfer fails but the file is skipped and hence removed from the queue.
I think it should not be skipped and removed.
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