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Unhappy Problems connecting through an HTTP Proxy....

I'm trying to use flash fxp through an http proxy server without any success.
I've configured flash selecting in the proxy options HTTP PROXY using the user and password i usually use to go in internet.
This is the log that Flashfxp return to me:

Microsoft wsock32.dll, ver2.2, 32bit of Apr 22 1999, at 20:29:32.
Connecting to Adobe via Proxy
Connected to Proxy **.*.***.** Port 8080
<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Proxy denies fulfilling the request</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY><H1>Proxy denies fulfilling the request</H1>
The proxy's access control configuration denies access to
the requested object through this proxy.
Connection failed (Connection lost)

The strange thing is that if i use a program called TOTAL COMMANDER(it's a way similar to an ftp client) and configuring it with HTTP PROXY i can connect everywhere.
I'll love to use flash instead of total commander.
Could someone give me some advice???
I can't understand why with one yes and with another no.

Tnx all for the answer.

P.S.: I've forgot to tell that i'm using WIN98 SE and FLASHFXP V2.0 FINAL (the last one released).
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