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Default FlashFXP Pricing scheme currently

Is hilarious. I did some very basic calculations but the pricing on this fantastic peice of software is a little um skewed if it were graphed in Excel you would definetly get the point

Number of copies and price/copy are the data so total price is what we will analyze

1 copy - $25
2 copies - $46
9 copies $207
10 copies $200
49 copies $980
50 copies $850
99 copies $1683
100 copies $1300
199 copies $2587
200 copies $1800
999 copies $8991
1000 copies $3000

Well lets analyze that data calculated right from the page. Here are the breaking points for those planning to buy more than 1 copy:
Get 10 copies instead of 9 copies
Get 50 copies instead of 43-49 copies
Get 100 copies instead of 77-99 copies
Get 200 copies instead of 139-199 copies
Get 1000 copies instead of 334-999 copies

In each of those cases you save money! If anyone was dumb enough to by any of those instead of quantities they should go back to highschool . I am sure bigstar is aware of this hehe who cares if you dont need them though its called saving money.

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