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>Why not just save the current queue, open a new instance, load that saved queue.
>Then remove the items which you will download from queue 1, and remove the ones from queue 2.

That is exactly the reason why i made this suggestion in the first place. I'm goddamn too lazy to go through such a procedure if it can be issued in a simple rigt click command. (of course it makes sense, sometime i use that method so i'm speaking of experience too)

>There is no need to save the queue, because the actually running queues are already available in the FlashFXP dir blah blah blah etc etc.

A slightly better procedure as in the above stated (at least in my oppinion). but it doesn't beat my one click suggestion if im such a lazy ******* as usually. and i also cannot forfeit such an important feature for me as the auto resume.

the other reason why i suggested is to see whether there are other ppl who also think that this "shortcut function" would serve them good too cuz a suggestion cannot be successfully made/applied if only i benefit from it. (of course the applied thing is not my decision)
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