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Default problem with FXP resume

When I do a A to B fxp transfer, when the transfer got some error and broken, A re-connects, and B stays the same. The filesize on B has changed size (from 0 or something else) but since it didn't got disconnect so it remains the same as the start of the transfer which causes problem. FlashFXP didn't know about it and resumes at the earlier location and make the file corrupts.

FFXP display
A: 100mb B: 3mb

before A disconnects due to error, B has became 10mb

A reconnects
FFXP display
A: 100mb B: 3mb (but 10mb on server)
FFXP resumes at 3mb
and then the file endup with 110mb or something and it's corrupted and totally useless =(
Maybe adding a file refresh if there is any error during FXP may help solve the problem?

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