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Default Connection Attempt Retry Delay

I have several accounts with different retry delays and the only thing I see is

Connection Failed (Connection Lost)
Delaying XXXX Seconds before reconnect attempt #X

I thought it might be a nice feature to have a countdown somewhere showing the number of seconds left until a reconnection attempt. Prolly in the same space where the que remaining time, file remaining time, etc. is. It might also show the last time the site was connected too. That beats trying to figure out that 531x120 seconds = 17.7 hours = 11/09/02 05:36:12 AM


P.S - I know this prolly does not make a difference with small retry delays of like 120 seconds or less, but some sites I frequent I have to have retry delays of up to an hour. The administrator on occasion needs to shut down the services and reconnecting clients make it difficult to maintenance the servers. That is what I am told and why I am asked to have retry delays between 15 minutes and a hour on a lot of the servers I go to.
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