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Arrow reveal some more

Mxxcon, your point is a fair, password in commandline of shortcut lessens security.
Let's say you start up 20 sessions of flashfxp every day. That means 20 times typing a password.
You can drop the shortcut in a protected rar-file and unpack when needed, that way you type the password once.
However, if you are sure about the safety of your workspace (and there are screensavers with password-protection)
then an overall password for one program is not always used.
Once you are IN Flashfxp with overall password, anybody can view the sitelist passwords, that is the situation now.
You suggest that a collegue could peek over your shoulder and might see a password. If one is afraid of that, just
don't enable reveal.
Maybe for permanent (or any) reveal, a personal undisclosed shortkey could be modified?
Or the main password could be typed in again, once?
Something that would even increase present security and make it possible to use the backup-feature without
opening reveal. (You always want to be IN now, for the autobackup to work)
I maintain that it would be nice if we had the choice of permanent reveal, it saves clicks and I am for saving clicks.
Shark, it's about convenience.
Anyway, maybe here is some room for the development team to explore, or you can leave it.
I am also happy with the program as it is, let that be clear.

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