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Talking "Add to bookmark" function

Hello, currently have to add bookmarks for each local and remote folder.

Nice would be with the Add Bookmark function:
Remote path: "/htdocs/"
localpath "d:\projects\somesite\"

And an extra option to "recurse browse" or something like that; The purpose of this option would be:
When you click remote on the folder images (/htdocs/images) that it would locally also go to the correct folder (d:\projects\somesite\images).

As far as i see it you can add this option to the preferences dialog with these options:
Remote folder browsing:
a) disabled
b) both local and remote
c) only local
d) only remote

option a will turn it off, option b activates the function both local and remote, when you click locally it would do the feature and when you click remote it would go to the correct path. (option c and d explain themselves)

An extra option could be when you hold the CTRL key or something like that, that the programme would act as if it the feature is "disabled". This way you can still browse the site without browsing locally or vice versa.

I think it would be a great feature which will make the "bookmark" function a lot stronger.
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