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Question Questions Cocerning Upgrades?

This is to cofirm the way I upgraded my FXP 1.4-1.41 is correct.

1. Used "Check for upgrade" and downloaded to C:\Program Files\FlashFXP folder
2. Unzipped the downloaded upgrade--fxp141 to the C:\Program Files\FlashFXP folder
3. PC rebooted
All above tasks were performed with FXP program closed.

Some additional questions:
1. This is my 2nd upgrade. The 1st was ver. 1.37 to 1.40.
Questiion, can I manually delete the upgrade files-- fxp14 and fxp 141 from the C:\Program Files\FlashFXP folder, after the uograde is complete? I already backed up the upgrade files. And I want to keep the FlashFXP folder as neat as possible.

2. Beaides using "Check for upgrade" function, when upgrade is available, can I just download a upgrade version and do full install? If I do so, how my FlashFXP dir will look like?

Thanks for advising.

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