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Default [ Possible Bug ] Limit port range

Under "limit local port range" i set it to 1024 to 2048 which worked to start off with, and then i configured my firewall to allow access to those ports from FlashFXP.

But, the next time i started FlashFXP norton internet security warned that FlashFXP is accessing using local port 3886, 3887 etc. When i looked at the options they still had the option to limit ports on, and i changed the options too but it seemed to make no dofference.

Please help as i perfer not granting all internet access from a program (it's a paranoid being hacked thing! )

Also, is it possible to limit an FTP client to use only one port? like 1024? (sorry, i don't have much knowledge on stuff :/ )

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Forgot to mention, which is probably important, i'm using windows xp and norton internet security 2003.
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