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Default Mirc DDE Server

I recently saw a thread in which the person asked for the ability to execute commands on the Sound Event. I was looking for this, since I am in much the same situation. It would be rather easy to expand this to allow the running of an actual sound file on the remote system. It did get me thinking though and the addition of DDE support for FlashFXP would be truly awesome. This would allow its incorporation into IRC bots very easily without the complications of eggdrops either. This would solve his problem as well, since he would only have to be running a copy of Mirc in the background (if he is not already).

P.S - I have been using FlashFXP for many months now, and I have now purchased it. Your constant dedication to creating a extremely functional and versatile FTP/FXP client was a major factor in my decision. Keep up the awesome work!
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