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Default New event: on connect do net send LAN computers

My idea comes from the way I'm handling large/time comsuming downloads: I'm using WinVNC to remotely control my Win2k PC in the basement which is used for FTP transfers. Since the servers I'm downloading from often have long queues it may take hours to get in on a server. During that time I'd like to keep working on my main PC. Problem is that I have to keep the VNC window open in a prominent place, otherwise I will miss a successful login and I will be kicked from the server after a few minutes due to inactivity.

I can't use a login sound since the PC in the basement would play it without me hearing it; turning the volume up so I might hear it is impossible due to our neighbours

So how about making Flash FXP use the windows 'net send' command to send a message to my PC? This would result in a window popping up to catch my attention so I could ALT-TAB into WinVNC and queue the files I wanna download? TIA!
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