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Question FlashFXP vs. Competition. = Die

I just wanted to say that I greatly appreaciate this program and it's developers for all the hard work you have clearly put into the generation of this fine piece of software. I have recently switched my FTP client from BPFTP ( which I have registered two copies to FlashFXP (registered two copies). Why? Because the latest release that company made was over 8 months ago (now recenly updated). And what is worse the new version is backed with bloatware. EG: I don't want a BPFTP server (evaluation version of course) - nor do I want a pop-up killer system hogging my system resources when I just wanted a simple program to download files off an FTP server. Additionally the software they develop does not nearly download as well as FlashFXP. I stronly feel that any company that packages bloatware, other evaluation versions of software in their customers purchases software agreements should get a swift kick in the ass. I have sent a letter to this company in spite of my disgust. So as a finalle? Thank you FlashFXP for keeping your software functional, without bloatware, and the most important - giving the customer what he/she paid for. Nothing less and nothing more. On a different note, I have rather curious to see what Server editions of FlashFXP could be developed. Bottom line, I will be a die-hard customer of your services for my entire company and all it's fuctions. - Oh yeah almost forgot BPFTP does not support FXP'ing.