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Default Re: mistaken?

Originally posted by Rippah
ive been using flash fxp for almost 2 years now and all i know is that since ive upgraded to 2.0 the filesizes arent accurate !! - when u use winrar tell me what u see ?? file sizes are correct yes a 20mb file is 20mb on winrar (3.0) flash fxp used to be the same (on my pc) but now 20mb file is displayed the same way as windows explorer 19.532kb ~ not 20.000kb like it used to!!!
this makes it hard to tell if a file u have downloaded or about to dl is bad (unless u have an sfv/par file)
Its very simple, FlashFXP displays files as KB's instead of Bytes as it previously did... this is a user definable option.

Just load FlashFXP, got to Prefs (F6) -> Display Tab -> Display File Size As -> Bytes

and it will be back as it was..

I have answered this question 2 times, maybe try searching the board next time ?

If you read the second post (MxxCon's) you would have fixed it, instead of arguing with us..
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