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I can't install v2.0 right now because I'm downloading and uploading now.
I'll try Site Manager after installing v2.0 tomorrow.
When I reinstall other version, I unistall and delete the folder too.
Only thing I do is loading the old Queue(.fqf).

By any chance, is there any possibility this is related to dual processor since you said this is very rare. I have dual PIII 1 GHz on Intel OR840 MB. Alcatel Speed Touch USB modem had a connection problem with dual processor under Windows 2000. My ISP's Tech Support had no idea why it didn't work. I found a solution by using PCI USB card. I found the cause from the FAQ on Alcatel web site several months later. They pointed MS for onboard USB driver implementation. WinXP doesn't have that kind of problem. Also I'm using Alcatel Speed Touch home now. It's a NIC based modem. No more drivers. I have seen some programs had a problem with dual processor in the past. If code has been changed a lot in v2.0, you should look after that too. It's just my suggestion. I'm just curious if the original poster of this topic has a dual processor system too.
Thanks again.
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