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geeze dircd

When using the schedule to exit FlashFXP an error occurred preventing FlashFXP from closing.
Loading the queue via the command line didn't automatically start transferring when combined with -tray or -min.
If the left local view is set to My Computer, the right local view would not highlight the folder when changing to the parent.
When changing to the parent, and the parent is My Computer, FlashFXP will now properly select the drive you came from.
When first using FlashFXP a predefined window size was assigned to the Site Manager. This predefined size was too small when using large fonts or a DPI other than 96. New installs will not use a predefined size to eliminate this problem.
FlashFXP uses a predefined window size when accessing the File Exist rule dialog via the Site Manager, as a result the window didn't display correctly when using large fonts or a DPI other than 96.
If an upload is aborted FlashFXP may fail to resume the file after abort.


You can load multiple queue's via the command line.. FlashFXP.exe queue1.fqf queue2.fqf queue3.fqf

The alternative fxp routine has been replaced with a new method that is now compatible g6/bpftpd.
In v2.0 View File was added to the local view popup menu and assigned the shortcut ctrl-v, unfortunately this shortcut conflicts with the standard explorer ctrl-v (paste) shortcut. In this build ctrl-v will paste and not view file. There is no shortcut assigned to View File in the local view.

I suggest you purchase a legal copy of flashfxp. If you did, you would have seen the above screen shot.
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