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Originally posted by dixiechiken
I, too, was wondering if it might be possible to add an option where the user could designate that when the "x" in the upper-right is clicked, FlashFXP would minimize to the system tray instead of closing. (Maybe then close the program by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray and then clicking exit ... ?)
no offence to you dixiechiken, but i absolutly HATE programs that force me work twice as hard to close them.
when i press freakin X i want the bloody thing gone! not hiding in my systray hoping i won't see it running and eating my resources..
once again, no offence, but i think you should try to change your habbit. X was ment to close aplications, _ to minimize(possibly to systray). if you are constantly using X to minimize i'd say you are incorrectly using windows...
i have nothing against adding another button [ .] that will send ffxp directly to systray, but i'm personally against using X to do that..
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